Thu 21 Mar 2019, 6.30–8pm
Cass Research Seminars:
(Moving) Images


Room GSG-15
The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
London E1 7TP

Anna Mill and Luke Jones

A Cass Research Seminar enaging with the questions around image making and capturing as a form of research.

Speakers will be Luke Jones and Anna Mill (authors of Square Eyes, a graphic novel see

Mark Collington and Sandra Denicke Polcher have jointly been working with Animation and Architecture students since 2015. Their collaboration demonstrates how a synthesis of different cultural theories and practices from animation/film and architecture can produce new forms of transdisciplinary design thinking. Case studies from fieldwork in London and Belmonte (Italy) illustrate how a ‘rough and ready’, stop motion, ‘sketch’ and ‘lo-fi’ approach can be applied to client-led, site-specific projects, and also lay the foundation for knowledge transfer initiatives to stimulate new areas of employment.

About Cass Research Seminars

Cass Research Seminars are a series of public conversations which enable researchers to test and present their ideas in conversation with peers and a broader audience. The sessions seek cross-fertilisation of ideas and provoke discussion. Typically, they consist of two to three presentations of 15 minutes each followed by chaired discussion.

We had a productive year in 2017/18. Presenters found that the session deepened their work and added unexpected avenues to their thinking. All are welcome at Cass Research Seminars, both from inside and outside The Cass. For more information email and follow us on Twitter for the latest information @CassResearch

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